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Terahub Privacy Statement
Terahub takes your privacy very seriously. This policy covers how Terahub treats personal information that is collected during the use of our site. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available

1. We do not sell your personal information to anyone.

2. We collect personal information in the normal course of business.
  • All personal information is voluntarily provided by visitors, and is not required in order to use the main features of Terahub.
  • Registration information such as email address, name, and email preferences is required in order to use some advanced features of Terahub. These features involve recording previous search information so they may be conveniently recalled on future visits to Terahub.
  • Additional personal information is required in order to place an ad. This information is used to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the ads on our site, as well as process payment transactions. We use secure, encrypted transmission of personal information between you and our servers. Credit card information such as card number, expiration, billing address, etc. is NOT stored by Terahub. It must be re-entered for each purchase. This eliminates the possibility of your credit card data being stolen from our servers.
  • Web site usage information may be collected through the use of cookies, but is not personally identifiable. This information is used to determine how to improve the usability and features of the site.
  • Search and ad view statistics are collected, but are not personally identifiable. This information may be provided to sellers to indicate the success of their ads.
  • Emails that are sent to sellers via Terahub are stored in our data base for a significant length of time, but are only personally identifiable if the sender has registered on Terahub. Storing this information provides a backup service for our sellers to retrieve previous emails.
  • Standard web site usage information such as page views, length of browser session, etc. are collected by the Terahub servers. This information is used for planning and maintenance purposes.
3. We send emails to registered users.
  • Terahub does not sell its email lists to anyone.
  • Emails are automatically sent to confirm ad placement, payment processing, and other important transactions that have occurred on a customer's account.
  • Terahub maintains an opt-in email list for registered users. Occasional emails may be sent to registered users who have opted-in regarding promotions, usage information, advertising, etc. Registered users who previously opted-in can opt-out at any time.
  • Featured dealer members will receive emails regarding significant account events, such as subscription expiration. They also have the ability to opt-in to receive other periodic emails regarding specials, ad usage, site information, etc. Featured dealers who previously opted-in can opt-out at any time.
4. We use third party providers for some services.
  • Information that is required to service our customers may be provided to third parties with whom we have contracted to provide those services, such as call center operators. Those third parties include authorized contractors, temporary employees, consultants and other companies working with us. We will require that all third parties not disclose or use your personal information for purposes other than providing services to our customers.
  • Credit card transactions are processed through VeriSign's secure payment processing service. Only the information required to approve your credit card transaction is provided to VeriSign.
5. Sale of the Company
  • Terahub reserves the right to disclose your personally identifiable information to the purchaser in the event that the company is sold, in whole or in part, either as an entire corporate entity or through an asset sale that includes a customer information database.

Last updated 7/25/04