Used Tractors
About Terahub
Terahub is the buyer friendly marketplace for agriculture equipment. We strive to provide the fastest, simplest, most user friendly way to find new, used, and antique equipment. Our philosophy is that if you make it easy for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for, sellers sell more equipment, and everyone is happy.

Our objective is to provide a service that is:

Fast  easy to use search engine let buyers find equipment quickly. Advanced technology provides rapid responses for searches.
Simple  straightforward, easy to use interface that anyone can figure out.
Everywhere  equipment buyers and sellers from around the world come together in one place, yet never leave their home or office.
Secure  privacy and security are taken seriously. No credit card information is stored. The latest security technology is implemented.
Reliable  high quality system hardware, software, and network provide consistent response time and availability.

We believe that by meeting these objectives, we will soon be the number one place on the internet for farmers and dealers to buy and sell equipment.
Terahub is owned and operated by Kobatera, LLC. To find out more about Kobatera, please visit